Creative & Entertainment Services

Use Banded Moon's studio for recording voiceovers or albums. We also do sound design for film/video.

Sound Design for Film/Video

On the creative side, Banded Moon enjoys working with filmmakers and documentarians, combining our creative talents and musical sensibilities to create interesting soundtracks and sound effects. We work closely with you during the sound design process to bring your vision to life through effective use of sound.

Should you desire, we can also assist you with high quality field recording services and audio post-production for your film/video projects.

Corporate videographers, whether in-house or independent, may also be interested in utilizing our studio for sound effects or high quality voiceovers/audio laybacks for:

  • Training and educational videos
  • Commercials and jingles
  • Web content

            . . .  and more
E-mail us to discuss your needs. 

Custom Music

For those special projects requiring music, Banded Moon offers recording and music production on an hourly rate in our project studio. Here we can assist you with:

  • Music for film/video
  • Creating customized theme music or background music
  • Creating music beds, brand identity music, or special sound effects for commercials, training videos, etc.
  • Creating customized jingles
  • Adding sound effects and music for books on tape

We encourage you to discuss your specific project with us so that we can advise you on which of the services from our menu would most benefit your project.   

Musician's Services

Mobile Recording
Make things convenient with Banded Moon's complete mobile recording services. We utilize equipment that has been carefully selected and configured by our engineer to achieve high quality results in a live setting. Be sure to ask about our mobile recording services for:

  • Live music gigs
  • Live demos and albums 
  • Recitals and concerts 
  • Religious services  

         … and more

In planning your live recording, we recommend you speak with us before you select a venue or facility so that we may advise you which location will provide the best possible outcome in a live setting. We can do a site survey to examine the acoustics, power, lighting, and so forth to determine the whether the facility is suitable for your recording. We are also able to provide pre- and post-production advice to help your project or event be a success.


Studio Recording  - Demos & Albums
At Banded Moon we know that a studio is much more than its equipment and amenities. As musicians ourselves, we recognize that music can be quite personal and something to be given the consideration it deserves. To that end, Banded Moon will work with you in defining and realizing the musical vision you have for your material.

Due to time constraints, we are selective about the projects we accept, but if we take on your project you can be assured you will receive personalized service every step of the way. We are committed to giving our artists an enjoyable and positive musical experience. That is why our laid back private setting, technical expertise and one-on-one attention keep our clients coming back time and time again.

Clients may choose from either state-of-the-art digital or analog recording, with engineering done by our award-winning producer/engineer, Mitch Rosenow. The combination of his diverse background working in a variety of musical genres and his skill as a technician is certain to take your project to the next level.

If you just need a producer, and prefer to work in another studio, we do that too. See Music Producing below for more information.

Recording Packages
For artists interested in recording their next demo or album, our Complete Recording Package, which includes block studio time, is a popular choice and most cost-effective. For a la carte services, we will gladly quote you pricing for those services you desire.

Complete Music Recording Package  

  • Block studio time (8 hr. min.)
  • In-house session musicians*
  • Virtual instruments 
  • Engineer**
  • Editing
  • Mixing 
  • Mastering
  • 2 CD masters

*Does not include sessions musicians hired from outside the studio

**Does not include midi programming, producing, songwriting and arrangement services. Check with Banded Moon for more information about these services.

Studio Rates
Studio rates vary depending on the type of project, the services provided, the number of hours blocked and other factors. We also have specials throughout the year and discounts for repeat customers. Please contact us to discuss your project and how we can assist you. There is never any obligation.

Hourly Studio Time  
Hourly studio time is also available and usually reserved for those quick fixes and emergencies. When booking hourly time, there is two hour minimum. There may also be additional charges if studio requires reconfiguration to accommodate your project.

When it comes to music, collaboration can be such an important aspect of music making. For many artists, a big part of the enjoyment in making music is the opportunity to work with other musicians. It is during the back and forth of the collaboration that we continue to hone our craft and ultimately grow as musicians, which only makes a successful end product all the sweeter. That’s why Banded Moon believes collaborating with others is one of most exciting services we provide, whether we’re a part of the songwriting stage or through producing your album.

For new artists struggling with translating an idea into song, we will help you through the process and work with you to achieve just the right sound to convey your message. If you’re an experienced artist, we can assist you during those times when you “hit the wall” and need additional input or fresh ideas. Either way, we are here to lend a hand throughout the entire writing and recording process.

Backing Tracks/Session Musicians

One of our most utilized services, we love to add backing tracks to your music to give it a professional sound. Solo artists and songwriters in particular benefit from having their music expanded into a more complete production and fuller sound. 

If session musicians are desired, our in-house production team will most likely be able to provide all of the instrumentation your songs may need, including various guitars, keyboards and backing vocals. However, if you have a specific need for other instrumentation or vocalists, we can assist in arranging for session musicians to meet your requirements. (Please note: Out-of-house musicians are chosen by the client and paid directly by the client at time of service.)

When using in-house session musicians, we charge 1.5 times the standard studio hourly rate. Sessions musicians' rates are set by the musicians.

Virtual Instruments & Midi Programming

For solo artists or groups who wish to modify the sound of their existing instruments, we offer an enormous selection of top-quality virtual instruments from which to select—from orchestral to percussion and beyond. By incorporating carefully chosen authentic instrument samples, our skilled engineer can transform a basic recording into a high quality, professional product.

For those wanting to use midi, we offer midi programming as well. There is an additional charge for this service.

Instrument Rental
The studio also makes available certain instruments for rental on a daily basis. Be sure to discuss any needs you may have before booking your session.
Project Mixing & Mastering
If you are a home recording enthusiast or just have a project that needs a little extra attention from a professional, Banded Moon offers mixing, remixing and mastering services for your music project. Simply provide your existing files and we’ll work our magic, giving your material the professional sound you desire. Our rates are quite competitive so don't hesitate to contact us.

Music Producing

For artists interested in working with a producer to help your sound and your music be the best it can be, Banded Moon offers producing services in our studio. However, if you already have a studio or environment you prefer to work in, no problem! Banded Moon will gladly produce your music wherever you choose to work. We have produced many artists and would love to help. Just get in touch with us.

Artist Development
With so many challenges in the music business, it’s important for artists to remember that just having great sounding music is only one component needed stand out from the crowd. Therefore, Banded Moon offers many other ancillary services to help you maximize your potential while on your journey to success. Some ways we do that is through:

  • Vocal coaching/microphone technique instruction
  • Recording instruction 
  • Songwriting critiques 
  • Wardrobe assistance 
  • Stage presence/performance 
  • Copyright/CD manufacturing assistance 
  • Marketing and promotion, including development of promotional materials, graphics, and homepages or Web sites
  • Booking assistance
  • Music videos or DVDs
  • Opportunities to perform live

These services are available a la carte and rates vary based on the type of service desired. We encourage you to discuss your specific project and career goals with us so that we may advise you as to which of the services you would most benefit.

Music Videos 

If you're ready to take the plunge and promote your music the ultimate way, ask about our music video production capabilities. We can create a video for you or your group on a small or large scale depending on your budget.

Audition Tapes

For those musicians needing to showcase their talent for scholarship or competition purposes, you will want to ask about having us record your performance(s). Our recording will place you in the best possible light with its high-quality sound and video.

Audio Tape Restoration and Enhancement

We can repair, restore, and enhance old or damaged music tapes from previous performances you may have. Learn more.

Audio Tape Transfers and Replication

We can convert your audio files into a variety of formats and replicate those onto the media of your choice. Large and small quantity orders are available. Find out more.

Entertainment Services

Banded Moon Arts & Media has long-standing relationships with many musicians and is a big supporter of live music in the Kansas City area. We're always looking for ways to support our local artists and work with a variety of artists to provide high quality entertainment services for your special event. Some examples include:

  • Private concerts or events
  • Concerts for corporate events
  • Bands 
  • Piano or guitar accompaniment
  • Background vocalists 
  • Soloists or groups for ceremonies or special events 
  • Pianists or guitarists for restaurants and private parties 
  • Special productions  

         . . . and more

Because our roster is ever evolving, contact us to see what acts may best suit your needs.


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