Audio Tape Restoration & Enhancement

Reel-to-reel and cassette tape Banded Moon Arts & Media, Kansas City, can restore / transfer for you

Another one of the many services we provide is reel-to-reel and cassette tape restoration and enhancement. If you have damaged or existing audio tapes with poorly recorded audio, using our specialized equipment and expertise, Banded Moon can professionally repair and restore your analog tapes and transfer the content to CD or other media. Editing is also available to remove anomalies and extraneous noise, eliminate gaps or unneeded content, correct frequency imbalances, etc., and in most cases, dramatically improve the overall sound quality. 

All tapes are handled with TLC and all work is performed locally in-house by our engineer. Tape must be generally in good physical condition. If repair is needed, contact us for an estimate on repair costs.

Choose from 3 different levels of restoration:

BASIC: Restoration and straight transfer to CD (no editing or enhancement) 

DELUXE: Restoration, digital enhancement (general processing to improve overall sound quality), and transfer to CD.

PREMIUM: Restoration, digital enhancement and clean-up (general processing to improve overall sound quality; removal of undesirable sounds, noises, gaps; independent enhancement of each segment or song), and transfer to CD. Customized editing is also available and quoted on an individual basis.

Prices start at $75 to do a BASIC level restoration and transfer and depend on length of tape and services desired. Be sure to ask about our volume discounts for 3 or more reels. Pickup and delivery in the Kansas City metro is available for a fee. 

We can also provide audio sweetening for your current projects and transfer the final product to the format of your choice.

A WORD OF CAUTION: Never attempt to play tapes more than a few years old or tapes that have not been properly preserved and restored. Attempting to play tapes that have not been restored can cause breakage or permanent damage to the emulsion that no restoration process can undo. Tape is very porous and absorbs moisture easily so tapes that are very old, or tapes that have been stored in a storage unit, a basement, or exposed to heat, humidity, or water damage will most certainly have oxidized.

Disclaimer: There are no guarantees in tape restoration. The goal of an audio restoration is to restore the tape to a condition that allows it to be played once or twice, just enough to enable us to get the information contained on the tape off and onto another medium. It does not mean the tape will be like new or that the tape can be played repeatedly without any problems. 


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