Corporate, Institutional & Small Business Services

Stage at a large scale event such as the ones Banded Moon provides audio supervision / tech support.

From grand-scale corporate stage shows to banquets and teleconferences, Banded Moon Arts & Media has been assuring successful productions year after year by delivering first-rate creative and technical expertise to organizations of all sizes. With literally thousands of productions to our credit, our objective has been and continues to be showcasing your organization in the best possible light through high-quality presentations, advertising and communications. To that end, we offer our clients a large menu of services which include:

  • Facility assessments, site surveys, technical planning and audio supervision for any size event 
  • Production and television crews 
  • Sound engineering services for conferences, conventions, banquets, and special events 
  • Transmission and communications systems operation 
  • Engineering services for television and radio broadcasts 
  • High quality mobile recording of speeches, conferences, meetings, etc.
  • Commercials for television, radio, or the Web 
  • Videos for education and training 
  • Custom music production (foreground, background, theme, jingles) 
  • Production of television and internet infomercials 
  • Engineering services for teleconferences, webinars, webcasts, streaming, podcasts 
  • Specialists in live medical audio/visual teleconferencing
  • Copywriting for advertising, Web content, training materials, newsletters, etc. 
  • Complete video/DVD production (standard, high definition, Blu-ray)
  • Voiceovers 
  • Audio sweetening and enhancement 
  • Audio tape restoration 
  • Tape conversions and replication

            … and more

What To Expect

We know that choosing a production company can be a difficult decision. With Banded Moon, you can be rest assured that whatever your needs, we have the experience to accomplish your objective.

As industry veterans, not only do we perform the necessary tasks at hand, but we also employ a “big picture” view of each project or event, considering all the elements that make for a successful production. Whether we’re providing one service or many, we recognize it is only through a team effort the optimum outcome is achieved.

Furthermore, the quality of the final product is of utmost importance to us. We use high quality, well-maintained, state-of-the-art equipment for both on-site and studio work. We want our clients to be pleased with every aspect of our company and call us again for their next project or event.

How We Do What We Do 

One way we achieve such high customer satisfaction is by distinguishing between an “operator” and an engineer. Because Banded Moon uses only the most highly skilled and creative engineers, they have an in-depth understanding of all aspects of production including facility infrastructure, power distribution and conditioning, signal processing, wiring, new media/broadcast requirements and more. This allows us to anticipate and prevent unexpected problems and quickly address technical issues on the fly without lengthy delays or interruptions.

Another distinguishing factor is that we never employ the “bait and switch” routine often used by other companies—such as when you hire a pro, but get a student or a trainee. Instead, our owner personally facilitates every project or event so we get to know you, and you get to know us. This gives us the opportunity to truly understand your organization and serve you in the best possible manner every time.

Mobile Recording

Banded Moon also offers complete mobile recording services utilizing equipment which has been carefully selected and configured by our engineer to achieve high quality results in a live setting. Banded Moon does much of our work this way so be sure to ask about our mobile recording services for:

  • Voiceovers and interviews
  • Training and educational videos
  • Commercials for radio, television, or the Web
  • Meetings and conventions
  • Speeches and presentations 
  • Award ceremonies
  • Medical conventions
  • Religious services  

         … and more

In planning your live recording, we recommend you speak with us before you select a venue or facility so that we may advise you which location will provide the best possible outcome in a live setting.  We  can do a site survey to examine the acoustics, power, lighting, and so forth to determine the whether the facility is suitable for your recording. We are also able to provide pre-production advice to help your project or event be a success.

Following your project or event, you may wish to have us complete the audio-post production in our studio. We offer competitive rates and you will appreciate the high quality of our work.

Our long history of providing on-site mobile recording and television broadcast services for some of the largest conventions in the world ensures we have the technical chops to handle all of your production needs.

Technical Services

For clients with in-house production facilities or sound systems, Banded Moon offers these additional services:

  • Expert, unbiased technical support and troubleshooting 
  • Design consultation for new builds, upgrades, and remodels 
  • Equipment interfacing and optimization—we make what you have work! 
  • New wiring installations, rewiring, and custom cable fabrication 
  • Operational consultation and training

We will gladly work with your planners and architects in assisting with the technical requirements needed to create a well-designed, functional facility.

What Makes Our Tech Support Different  

When contacting Banded Moon with a technical issue, we take the time to fully assess any issues you may be experiencing and determine the best solution given your existing configuration and technical needs. Since we are not in the business of selling equipment, we have no quotas to meet, no commissions to make, no inventory to get rid of. We provide only the help you need, keeping your costs to a minimum. Our single goal is to maximize the performance of your existing equipment and get things back up to speed as quickly as possible.

In those instances where additional equipment or software may be required, if requested, will gladly make equipment and/or software recommendations as needed and work with you to make appropriate choices in equipment, software and related considerations.

Studio Recording

For more complex projects, book time in our recording studio. We can assist you with:

  • Editing audio content
  • Adding audio or soundtracks to existing video, film, radio, or television work
  • Adding voiceovers to commercials, training videos, etc.
  • Composing customized theme or background music
  • Composing customized jingles
  • Creating music beds, brand identity music, or special sound effects for commercials or logos

We encourage you to discuss your specific project with us so we may advise you on which of the services from our menu would most benefit your project.

Upon completion of your project, be sure to ask about our file transfer and replication services.

Audio Supervision

Even if you have an in-house audio/visual department, or currently hire another company to handle your A/V needs, you should seriously consider the benefit of adding an audio supervisor on site for special events, or to assist you when creating special video projects.

With your organization’s image on the line, it simply doesn’t pay to cut corners on the production of your advertising, special presentations, or conventions. A presentation interrupted by poor audio quality such as out-of-control hums and buzzes, sync issues, or improper use of microphones or PA speakers will risk making your company look unprofessional.

Far too often organizations spend large sums of money on the video portion of their presentations, making sure everything is just right. But when presentation day comes if the audience is unable to hear what is being said because of poorly recorded audio, improperly wired systems, garbled sound—or worse yet—painful PA feedback, you have just lost their interest and wasted your money.

Audio supervisors are used at all the major music events, for example, because there are many factions and often different companies working together to put together the show. Having a dedicated point person who understands the various audio elements and can provide the oversight needed is not a luxury, it's a necessity. 

It is a small investment to add an audio supervisor to your team who has the experience and know-how to think on their feet. Their ability to head off potential problems at your event can give you great peace of mind, and a polished, professional presentation will go miles in showing the audience you’re a top notch entity that’s serious about your business or service.

Live Sound Services

From sound engineering to PA troubleshooting, learn more about our live sound services.


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